Roof Trusses

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Superior Roof Trusses for the Modern Builder

At Mattingly Lumber, we specialize in supplying professional homebuilders, general contractors, and commercial contractors with high-quality roof trusses. Each truss is expertly engineered for stability and strength, ensuring your builds meet the highest standards of durability and design.

Efficiency That Boosts Your Project Success

We respect the importance of your time and project schedules. Our efficient services and timely delivery ensure you receive your roof trusses when you need them, keeping your construction timeline on track.

Trusses for Every Architectural Design

Our diverse range of roof trusses caters to all architectural styles and project needs. Whether you're working on a traditional home build or a complex commercial project, we have the roof truss solutions to match your specifications.

Why Mattingly Lumber for Roof Trusses?

Professionals choose Mattingly Lumber for their roof truss needs for several reasons:


Quality: Our trusses are designed with precision, ensuring strength and stability for your builds.


Efficiency: Our streamlined services and timely delivery keep your projects moving smoothly.


Variety: Our wide selection of roof trusses ensures you find the perfect solution for each project.