Engineered Floor Joists

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Custom-Designed Floor Systems by Experts

At Mattingly Lumber, we excel in providing engineered floor joists for professional homebuilders, general contractors, and commercial contractors. Our experienced in-house staff designs through Mitek engineering floor systems, specifically designed to meet your project's unique requirements.

Advanced Technology for Superior Outcomes

Utilizing Mitek proprietary software, our team designs floor systems that incorporate engineered joists, providing strength, consistency, and high-performance flooring for your projects. Our focus on precision ensures an optimal fit and efficient installation for each and every job.

Quality Materials for Durable Results

The engineered joists we use offer superior dimensional stability, effectively resisting warping, twisting, and shrinking that can lead to squeaky floors. By choosing our engineered floor joists, you're ensuring a solid, silent floor for your builds, adding value to your construction projects.

Efficiency and Ease

Our engineered joists are lightweight and come in long lengths, which significantly speed up the installation process compared to traditional framing. This time efficiency not only saves on labor costs but also helps to keep your projects on schedule.

Why Choose Mattingly Lumber for Engineered Floor Joists?

Here's why professionals prefer Mattingly Lumber for their engineered floor joist needs:


Expert Design: Our in-house team custom designs each floor system, ensuring optimal strength and performance.


Quality and Stability: The engineered joists we use resist warping and shrinking, leading to more stable and squeak-free floors.


Efficiency: With our lightweight, long-length joists, your installation process is quicker and easier than traditional framing.