Custom Millwork

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Expert Custom Millwork for Building Professionals

At Mattingly Lumber, we specialize in providing professional homebuilders, general contractors, and commercial contractors with exceptional custom millwork. From intricate porches to stylish shutters, our craftspeople deliver unparalleled quality to make your builds truly distinctive.

Efficiency for Your Timelines

We understand the critical role efficiency plays in your project success. Our streamlined process and reliable delivery ensure you receive your custom millwork in a timely manner, helping to keep your projects on schedule.

Versatile Millwork to Suit Every Project

We cater to a range of architectural styles and unique designs with our custom millwork services. Whether it's a traditional design or a contemporary creation, our team can bring your vision to life.

Why Choose Mattingly Lumber for Custom Millwork?

Here's why professionals choose Mattingly Lumber:


Craftsmanship: Our expert craftspeople deliver high-quality custom millwork, adding a unique touch to your projects.


Efficiency: Our dependable service and timely delivery help you keep your projects on track.


Versatility: With our custom millwork services, you can achieve the perfect look for any project.