About Us

Our Company

Established in 1993 with a firm commitment to serving the professional builder in the St Louis metropolitan market and beyond.

Our History

A Tradition of Excellence

A Timeline of Growth and Innovation
Mattingly Lumber’s journey reflects the spirit of St. Louis itself. Here’s a glimpse into our evolution:

  • 1993: We laid the foundation as a small, yet dedicated lumber yard in St. Louis.
  • Late 1998 we started our manufacturing processes by offering preassembled interior doors and exterior doors.
  • Early 2000s: Mattingly Lumber expanded its manufacturing offering to include wall panels and roof trusses.
  • In 2003 Mattingly Lumber partnered with CCS to offer complete turnkey solutions from framing to finish.
  • Today: Mattingly Lumber stands proud as a go-to component lumber company in St. Louis, trusted by countless satisfied customers.

About Mattingly Lumber: More Than a Lumber Yard

Mattingly Lumber is more than a lumber yard, it is a company providing framing solutions to professional builders. Loose framing packages, wall panels, roof trusses, interior trim, stairs, exterior trim, hardware, and installation, Mattingly does it all. No aspect of the project is ever subcontracted. One call, one solution.

Why Mattingly Lumber?

Choosing a lumber yard in St. Louis? Here’s why Mattingly is your ideal choice:


All-in-One Convenience: We’re not just a lumber yard; we’re your comprehensive project partner. From selection to precision cutting and delivery, we streamline the process under one roof, simplifying your job. It’s this “one-stop-shop” advantage that provides for seamless, hassle-free services.


Quality Assured: all aspects of the process are built by Mattingly, never a third party.


Sustainable Practices: Wall panels and roof trusses focus on eliminating waste. By utilizing state of the art cutting systems and design processes your profits stay in your wallet not in the dumpster, while protecting the environment.


Local Community Supporter: As a proud member of the St. Louis community, we actively support local initiatives, including St. Jude’s Dream Home Giveaway. When you work with us, you’re contributing to the community, too.