Loose Framing Materials

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Top-Quality Loose Framing Materials for Professionals

At Mattingly Lumber, we provide professional homebuilders, general contractors, and commercial contractors with high-grade loose framing materials. Each piece is selected for optimal quality, ensuring your projects are built to last.

Efficiency to Streamline Your Projects

We understand the importance of project timelines. That’s why our prompt services and reliable delivery ensure your loose framing materials are there when you need them, contributing to the smooth execution of your projects.

Materials for a Variety of Builds

Whether you're working on a residential build or a commercial project, our extensive range of loose framing materials caters to all construction needs. With Mattingly Lumber, you'll find the right materials to bring your building designs to life.

Why Choose Mattingly Lumber for Loose Framing Materials?

Here's why professionals choose Mattingly Lumber:


Quality: Our selection of loose framing materials meets the highest standards, providing strength and durability for your projects.


Efficiency: Our quick service and reliable delivery help keep your projects on schedule.


Versatility: With our extensive range, you'll find the perfect loose framing materials for any project.